First and foremost, I'm a father of three beautiful children. They are my number one priority in life and if you're a regular reader of this journal, you'll understand why.

Perspective and Priorities are two attributes I talk a lot about.

I've been working professionally in the design industry since 1990 in the following arenas:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand development
  • Communications strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Human-centred design

I'm an advocate for flat organisations where the word 'Senior' doesn't appear in people's job titles and the newest, 'greenest' employee is a viable, contributing member of the team.

I co-own a strategic design firm named Tank in Melbourne, Australia.

Tank is a B Corporation which means we don't waste time with bullshit clients who are out to make shitloads of cash and pilfer the Earth (and people) whilst they do it. Instead we believe that business can balance positive purpose with meaningful profit.

I'm a strong advocate for business to be a force for good (not evil) which is why Tank is a B Corporation.

My career started in the early years of the internet and has zig-zagged from there to cross the fields of design, digital and brand strategy.

I'm inspired by human-centred design, entrepreneurship, leadership and anything that rattles the cage and pioneers an industry.

If we're ever having coffee and you'd like me to talk your ears off, I suggest you bring up any one of these topics: I'm passionate about gender equality, the role and depiction of men in media and mentoring young and emerging designers.

And Crossfit, OMG Crossfit.

I've have had the privilege of working with some of Australia's pioneering organisations and leadership teams. To be honest it's the pioneering organisations—the ones that lead with purpose—that inspire me most. Here are some that I've worked with over the years:

Finance Bank Australia, Aon, ThinkTank, Annum

Government Innovation, Agriculture, Human Services, Centrelink, Medicare, Sustainability Victoria

Sports Netball Australia, Hockey Australia, AFLPA, 2006 Melb Commonwealth Games

Education La Trobe University, Federation University

Health Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Royal Australian College General Practitioners, Inspiro Community Health, Merri Community Health Service

Entertainment Village Roadshow Cinema and Theme Parks, St Kilda Festival

Professional Services Sladen Legal, Loop8 Architects

Hospitality Melbourne Truffle Festival, Jasper Hotel, Diversified Exhibitions

Consumer brands & services Australia Post, Village Roadshow, Lonely Planet, Telstra, Microsoft

Non-profit Cancer Council, Relay For Life, VACRO, RRR

In 2013 my wife and I launched an Instagram and iOs printing app called Photify® 

In 2017, I launched The Strategy Masterclass, an online course that teaches the fundamentals of good strategy.

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