3 Lessons from Christopher Doyle

Some of Chris' work for Australian Design Radio

Some of Chris' work for Australian Design Radio

From time to time I ask some of my friends and broader network of creative leaders a simple question:

If you could offer a young, emerging designer three lessons from your career, what would they be?

Christopher Doyle owns and runs Christopher Doyle & Co.

About .. 

Job Title: Creative Director
Business Name: Christopher Doyle & Co
Creative/Suit: Creative
Career type: Straight Up
Countries: 2
Experience: 9 - 15 years
Currently working in: Sydney

Lesson 1: Design is not about you. Design is about other people. It is a tool to help solve problems and help people communicate. Too many designers get caught up in their own pursuits and tastes in design. Taste is important, and so is self satisfaction. But to solve a problem, to help a person, company or brand to communicate, that should be a designers priority.

Lesson 2: Don't be impatient. The end of a course at TAFE or university signals the beginning of your professional learning. It's harder, takes 5 times longer and will shape your career. There is no way to skip it, or jump forward. Just be patient. Find a mentor and an environment that will nurture you and buckle up. It's a long ride.

Lesson 3: Every time you are about to design, make or create something. Think about what you want to say first. Then think about what it will look and feel like. Communicate before you decorate.

See you next week.