3 lessons from Nick Hallam

From time to time I ask some of my friends and broader network of creative leaders a simple question:

If you could offer a young, emerging designer three lessons from your career, what would they be?

Nick Hallam owns and runs Joan he's a Designer in the truest sense — a Product Designer at heart.

If I were to pin-point the one thing I like about Nick it's that he demonstrates all the traits I had outlined in a recent post on creative leadership.

Traits that ensure he will stay relevant and purposefully move into the future.

Much like many senior creative leaders, Nick has donated much of his time and effort in giving something back to the creative community in Australia. 

I first met him when we both sat on the advisory board for Design Victoria, we've worked together on the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) as well as spent many hours talking career, product design and strategy over food and drink.

Job Title: (Product) Designer
Business Name: Joan, Sex, Drugs & Helvetica
Creative or Suit: More creative than suit
Career type: A Zig Zag career (the best kind)
Countries worked in: 3
Experience: 4 - 8 years
Currently working in: Melbourne

Three lessons from Nick:

  1. If you want advice ask for money, if you want money ask for advice.

  2. Think in problems.

  3. Ask for help and critical feedback on your work. Learn to detach your ego from your work and do your best to have perspective.

If you'd like to hear three lessons from a designer you admire, let me know and I'll get in touch with them. I've got a whole lot planned so keep an eye out for more.