Rise above the burger

When I was fifteen I landed my first job as a burger flipper at McDonald’s. 

It was an awesome job. My friends thought I had the keys to the kingdom and my bank account woke up from it’s slumber.

To this day I remember my first week. Immersion into the McDonald’s way.

I could probably walk into a McDonalds today and I'll know how to make you a Big Mac — even though I haven't eaten one since I was in my late teens.

My point?

McDonalds have solved and shipped the burger creation and they spend very little on the making of that burger.

They've risen above it.

Their focus from above is how they might:

  1. Get you into the store

  2. Get you back into the store

  3. Innovate the making of the burger

From up there they can do that.

My point?

Our industry is caught up in making burgers — in fact, when customers walk into our burger joints there are some who also go as far as to sell them hot dogs, sandwiches, steaks and salads as well.

Even though, the customer simply wants a burger.

We need to rise above the making of the burger and the only way we will do this, is if we:

  1. Sharpen our positioning

  2. Focus our product offering

  3. Find product-market fit

Only once we rise above the making of the burger can we pay true attention to getting more people into our stores, getting them to return and of course, make better burgers.