The things I've learned.

I'll keep this short and sweet this week.

Over the last two years I've learned a lot.

The practice and rhythm of sitting to write each week was at first daunting but is now one of the many things in my life that are filled with lessons.

Each week I receive multitudes of emails in response to each article from around the world. Points of view that are diverse and rich with flavour are shared and welcome.

Each interaction teaches me something new.

The process of putting down my thoughts, however simple, has taught me so much.

Last week I asked my team what they've learned in their time working with me at Tank — we shared notes and insights over our private Slack channel — some were funny, others a little too provocative to place on this journal.

I’ve collected the best of them, mixed them with my own insights and learnings and share them with you here. 

  1. Make sure I listen and hear.
  2. The problem I’m hearing isn’t always the problem to be solved.
  3. There are dumb people everywhere.
  4. If you require people to complete a task for you, find out how they work best and do your best to accomodate them.
  5. An agenda is great, but it’s even better when it’s shared prior to the meeting and followed during the meeting itself.
  6. Most people don’t know how to run a meeting.
  7. Most graphic designers want to be the one who designed the logo.
  8. People are busy, don’t waste their time or they will be reluctant to give it to you again.
  9. If you say you will do something, do everything in your power to do it. Apologise if you can’t.
  10. Thank people.
  11. People take in information in different ways, do your best to speak their language, not yours.
  12. Everything in life is a choice.
  13. The only barrier is yourself
  14. Be humble. Be present. Be kind.
  15. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
  16. Time is a precious entity – treat your own and other peoples with respect.
  17. Everyone is trying their hardest – try to remember that.
  18. Don't over sell your self.
  19. Honour your commitments.
  20. Be humble.
  21. If your client isn't professional — walk away. Professionally.
  22. Teach everything you know.
  23. Get mentors.
  24. Work the pipeline.
  25. Have a pipeline.
  26. Reach out to people who are stressed and just listen.
  27. Create an environment that is nourishing.
  28. Being popular doesn't make you a good leader.
  29. Nourish people. 
  30. Be the better person in a bad situation, 
  31. Always be open sit and say hello to someone who wants to learn something from you.
  32. Do meaningful work. 

What have you learned?