The 2018 Mental Health & Creativity Report

A few months ago my team at Tank decided to ask some questions of our industry and today, I'd like to share what we found with you.

In May, I wrote an article in this weekly journal, talking about how I think about mental health all the time — I received an overwhelming amount of emails in response to it, which meant most of that day, I was responding and talking openly about mental health issues with people from around the world.

In July the incredible women I work with put together some questions and circulated The Mental Health & Creativity Survey and the outcome is here for you today. It wasn't anything more than a group of conscious leaders wanting to give voice to the many people in our industry, and shine a light on practices which contribute to the mental health issues they face.

We're planning on running this survey each year simply because we want to see positive change in our industry — even if it is small change.

I hope this document empowers you to have an open conversation about the issues which contribute to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in your workplace.

Share it with your colleagues, your employer, your peers.

Whether you're an employee or an employer — say Stop when you're treated badly. Say No when you're asked, or expected to work unrealistic and unhealthy hours — and tell them a big Fuck You when they try to compromise your values.

Most of all, talk openly and honestly about how you're feeling and understand that it's OK not to be OK — your voice is heard.

Download the report here.