Who's got your back?


I'm going to tell it to you straight,

There is no way we will achieve what we want to achieve, reach the potential we wish to reach, or create what we need to create in this lifetime if we are not surrounded by people who love us.

I've learned a lot during my two weeks in Athens and, on my last night here I thought I'd share this one thing with you.

I'll keep it simple.

As you know, I have friends (and family) in this city and during this trip, I got to spend much time with them, as well as work with our clients here. I even reconnected with one or two people whom I haven't seen since The Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam were primary interests of mine, and the Internet was a pre-teen.

I'm so very grateful that I spent time with people who wanted to spend time with me. Old friends whom I love and share a very special bond with — and new friends who expand me with their strength, compassion and good humour.

Making time for people who have your back is what this is all about.

Not the "we should catch up" kind of time, but the "I miss you" kind of time. The "your'e leaving tomorrow, and we should spend time together today" kind of time.

The "I can't wait to see you again" kind of time.

The "I'm cancelling everything else and I'm going to sit here, wait, and listen to you" kind of time.

The "Let's go for a walk and talk." kind of time.

Connection, conversation and a soulful kindness and compassion thrives here — and I experienced it first hand in the people I met and the old friends I spent almost every day with, and it had me reflecting...

It had me reflecting on how we interact, and how we must surround ourselves with people who have our back. People whom we trust and trust us in return.

There is no room for anything less. No room at all.

Who's got your back?

Who is going to help you reach your potential?

Who is going to support you when you're paralysed with fear, unable to move forward?

Who is going to push you to take that risk?

Who is going to ensure they are there if it doesn't work?

Find the people who will miss you (truly miss you) and spend time with them. Talk about opportunities, and share your experiences. Open your mind and your heart and what you'll see in return is wonderful.

The young, creative, entrepreneurs I worked with over the last two weeks have it in spades. A kindness that leads to true connection with peers and a thirst to create and collaborate like I haven't seen in a long, long time.

The people who miss us. The people who want to create with us — those that reach out and connect with us and say "I don't know what it is, and I don't care, but let's make something together."

These are the people who will expand us, these are the people who will help us reach our potential. These are the people to keep close to us.

I don't know if it's the deep blue sky and ocean, or the warm people themselves — what I do know is that it comes from a good place. A positive place.

And we need more of it.

See you next week.