Dear Entrepreneur...


Dear Entrepreneur,

I hear you and I know you're fighting to be heard.

I see you working when everyone else has gone home. I see you.

I see you smile as others walk past your window and I hear the same song playing in your office every time I walk past. I know you aren't listening to it, it's just background noise for you because your eye is on the horizon. Somewhere distant, far off and foreign to most.

I feel your loneliness and I feel your fear yet within this, I admire your bravery. Your courage to do things that others simply talk about. Your courage to put it all on the line when other's simply talk about 'putting it all on the line'.

I see, in you, somebody who makes things happen — even if some of those things fail. You were the one who peeled them off the wall and said "I'm going to make this happen."

You were the one; whilst others sat their staring at the wall, furiously writing more and more of their 'brilliant ideas' feeling like they were 'doing entrepreneur' whilst you were busy actually being one.

You were the one who wrote about your loneliness, secretly hoping that somebody would ask you about it and somehow, make things right. You were the one who wouldn't admit things — and when I meet with you to share our stories, I see the lines around your bloodshot eyes, the subtle shaking in your hands and your inability to focus.

I can see you sitting in the office with the sun shining through the window whilst the rest of the building is out in the sunshine. I see you missing school pick up, dance practice, soccer training and 'homework time'. I see you dear Entrepreneur and I feel your loneliness and the weight of your solitude you work in.

I see the thoughts buzzing through your mind and you, like a child running around trying to capture them and make sense of their craziness.

Like a sparrow, I see your inability to be in the present moment. To simply be.

I see you dear Entrepreneur and I can hear you crying out for connection. A real connection not an industry connection. A real one. A human one. A social connection with someone. Any one.

Some kind of connection that hasn't to do with you being an Entrepreneur, a business owner but just about you.

A person. A human being that also wants to walk in the sunshine.

Dear Entrepreneur, when was the last time you had a conversation that wasn't about work?

When was the last time somebody asked you something that didn't circle back to business?


Busy ness....


When was the last time you weren't so busy?

When was the last time you were asked about the things that made you joyful? And honestly, when was the last time you made it the topic of conversation? Instead of always talking about the thing. The work thing. The business thing. The startup thing.

You're different dear Entrepreneur. You're different and powerful beyond measure.

When other people ridicule the things you do, you keep walking. When other people judge, and throw their opinions in your face like hand grenades, you keep walking through the maelstrom. When others laugh, you nod.

Your skin is thick, their skin is not.

You've fucked things up. They have not.

You know things they do not.

Whilst others swim in the ocean, you're busy building your own.

When other's don't, you do.

When other's pause, you run like hell.

You are powerful dear Entrepreneur.

Powerful yet lonely.

Keep walking forward and don't stop for anyone.

I see you.