The path you walk

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve conducted a lot of self reflection, quite a bit of self analysis and realignment of my own purpose. You can these and previous articles in the archive.
This had me asking the big questions.

  • Why do I do what I do?

  • How do I stay relevant?

  • What do I do if it all comes crumbling down?

  • What, and who serves me?

  • What, and who doesn’t serve me?

I’ve asked myself these questions many times before; I’m no stranger to self awareness and analysis such as this. In fact it's common for me to be asking myself these questions — after all, as a Strategist, I'm asking my clients these questions every day.

These are also the types of questions I receive in reply to many of the weekly article I write — from people like you, from all over the world.

Leaders of organisations asking me these questions in the context of the businesses they run. Individual creative leaders asking me these questions in the context of building a purposeful, meaningful career. Graduates trying to 'get a foot in the door'.

Over the last week I’ve found these questions were loaded with all too much meaning — sitting so very close to my heart and the people closest to me. My children. My family.

And as I pondered the answers to these most profound of questions, I found the answer in an episode ofStar Trek Discovery.

Stay with me on this ....

Dr. Hugh Culber is meeting with Admiral Katrina Cornwell seeking some personal advice. Dr. Hugh has lost his identity. Literally (he was rebuilt at the DNA level after being killed by....)

He’s lost.
He doesn’t know who he is, why he exists and where he’s going.

He has a vision of a future that doesn’t include the love of his life, Lt. Paul Stammets and now seeks the advice of Admiral Katrina Cornwell a trusted and well-respected figure amongst the crew (plus she's a female badass).

He has a vague idea of where he wants to be but he knows that this idea of a new future will mean a huge disruption for the people that love him, and he once loved. But he knows that he has shed his old skin and needs to discover the new.

As he walks off and thanks the Admiral for the brief but open ended conversation, Admiral Katrina Cornwell offers this piece of advice:

“The only way to make a new path is to walk it yourself.”

I paused the streaming show (I never do that because my adsl connection is so shit, it takes a few minutes to start a stream again!)

I sat and dwelled on this; what it meant for me. What it meant for my own identity and where I’m going. This simple line in a sci-fi series connected with me in such an empathic way.

I understood it and I know, it understood me. These simple yet profound words rang in my ear and thumped in my heart.

So very simple. So obvious.

My path, is mine to take — and if I’m to answer all my questions, I need to be the one to take it.

In a year's time I'll look back at this article and smile — and I hope you will too .