Running to nowhere

It’s Tuesday and I’m a little numb after last night’s penultimate Game of Thrones episode. I was an avid reader of the books and am not sure at how I feel about this wrap up of some of my favourite characters. Saying goodbye is proving difficult.


My week has been solid. Our office is humming along, and I’m balancing fatherhood and work as best I can.

I’m welcoming a batch of new students intoThe Strategy Masterclasswhich is nice. I recently gave access to all students, from all course levels to the private Slack group and it has created a small but meaningful flurry of activity.

Have you ever had a dream where you were running fast; maybe you were chased or maybe you were simply rushing to get somewhere; albeit you were running as fast as you could run?

Your legs were pumping hard, your arms swinging to move your body forward but when you stopped to notice, you hadn’t moved at all.

Have you ever had one of these dreams?

Have you ever run a business, launched a startup or had the thought that you could run your bosses business better than she could?

Your mind running at a million miles an hour with ideas, but when you stop to notice you never do anything about it?

I’ve experienced both these things.

The paralysis that comes with the insecurity of putting your ideas out into the world.

The stasis that occurs when you lack the courage to step into the arena and do battle.

I’ve had that too.

Have you ever met a leader who, when faced with a challenge that is invisibly beyond them, they quickly scramble to create new things, yet never achieve them?

I have.

Have you ever met those people who feel comfortable in the fact that something is happening, anything at all, yet never talk about results?

They’re the same people who arrive at a deadline and tell you they’ve started the job and then set a new deadline.

I’ve met all of these people and at times I’ve been them all myself. Finding things to organise and reorganise, just to feel busy; like I’m accomplishing something. When all I was doing was moving things around aimlessly to pass the time until a result manifested itself. Sometimes by luck, other times by serendipity and on minimal occasions as a result of my actions.

If you have the will to move. Move, because movement is good. But don’t move for the sake of looking good, or looking busy or pleasing others.

Move towards something, even if you don’t get there by the time you intended.

It’s far better than running to nowhere.